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April 14, 2008


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Dad aka gdad Blake

Hi sweetheart.
Mum let me read your article but she made me repeat the baptist truism (as as set out a few days ago) before and after the reading.

Love to all....Dad


To each her own, but my philosophy was always to let the man do the work. Not only did that save me the energy of having to do it, I benefited from always knowing that the man I was going out with was *truly* interested in me (ie not just saying yes to be nice). If he wants me, he'll come and get me--that sort of thing. I don't think the woman pursuing the man is wrong, but if a man pursued me I knew he was interested. If he didn't, I assumed he wasn't, and I didn't waste any sleep over trying to interpret what he'd said/done/meant.

Miss Conception

I don't think that any kind of conversation in which we lump a bunch of people together under one heading is a safe one. Are women taking advantage of the equality they have when it comes to dating? Some are. Some are not. Some have no interest at all. In which direction are the majority of women moving? Not sure. What I know is that many of our young girls are demoralizing themselves when it comes to dating. This worries me. I work in a high school and see the way many of our young girls behave around boys. It worries me to no end.
Okay, I'm totally rambling...I could go on for days.


I thought it was peculiarly american (but apparently not given you are in HK!) for the man to always be expected to pay for a date. In the UK people frequently pay for themselves, or alternate who pays. I bet if you have any dutch commenters they will say the same or more so - they are particularly egalitarian in my experience.

So yes, I think if we want equality, we have to not want it just in some areas (jobs, education) and not in others (dating, home improvement).


Some kind of reverse sexism - I want it my way but I want the guy to pay and do the work? If people want to be equal than act equal. I can go on for pages from the other direction.


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