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April 29, 2008


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Auntie Pammie

Tess, I am so sorry to hear of this news.. I am sure little JJ will find a way to deal and be fine with all of this :-).. sorry to hear about his eye... ( did he need stitches?)
Send him some extra love from Auntie P ,, xoxoo


The certainties of one measurement in time can be overturned by measurements made later in life. A challenge to physical health can be balanced by positive mental health.
All I can see at this point is that Jasper and I will have to subdue the action when we have our swordfights ( with those low priced sword jobbies from Stanley) but that is OK by me.
Love to all.....Dad


Oh Tess, I'm sorry that you have got this news - but I can't see that it is going to make a long term difference to him. Over here, children with asthma are encouraged to exercise to slowly increase their lung capacity. I so hope that that is what will happen for him as he gets older. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Karen Ritchey

Hey Honey,
You've had detours before. God will work this one out too!
Hugs and prayers...


Oh, dear, poor Jasper! I hope his lungs will heal up nicely with the steroids, nearly as quickly as his cut will heal up.
I will pray for healing for him, and I hope that in a few weeks of treatment, he will be able to be much more active and have much more fun every day!
Don't worry about the long term, he may not need nearly so much meds in a couple of years.

Elaine D

Have hope, Tess. Matt's asthma was dreadful when he was Jasper's age. Many a night we wondered if each gasp would be his last. It was frightening but he grew & thrived & we all learned to live with it. He was on multiple meds including steroids until a couple of years ago but now at age 28, he's finally off them all & doing fine.

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