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May 24, 2008


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Dad aka GDad Blake

I know you meant North American Free Trade Agreement. No fear of it being scrapped as it allows the USA access to Canadian freshwater and oil. Oil and water normally don't mix but we can see one exception.

Love to all....Dad


I started disliking Hillary with a passion when she changed her mind about Florida and Michigan. When she was the frontrunner, she was first in line to say that their vots should not count. She even got Edwards and Obama to take their names off the ballot in Michigan. Now that she's hurting for delegates and votes, she's adamant that their votes should count. SXorry, but's that's a little too blatantly self serving for me. She really will do ANYTHING to win.


I don't think she meant exactly what she said on Friday, although I think when she was tired she said something like that because it's a scenario that she's thought about--she doesn't want harm to come to him, but she does factor it into the realm of possibilities. The thing that really rubbed me wrong was her "apology". There was a commentator on Sunday who said that his wife always said that if an apology included the word "if" it wasn't really an apology.

I've been supporting Obama since last summer and I really believe that he's going to be an amazing president for this nation and the world.


Another thing is that, in 1968 (and I think until just this year), the California primary was the first Tuesday in June. But since then, usually the race is long over by then. California got tired of having no voice in the primary, and moved their election to Super Tuesday (Feb. 5).

There are only maybe two small states left in play. Plus Florida and Michigan.


I was pro-Hillary for a long time, after once meeting both her and Bill and realizing that she actually had more natural charisma than he did. I was loosely Obama going into the race, though, and Hillary's actions during the primary season have just thoroughly turned me off. I think it's funny that what she slams about Obama -- his freshness and his oratory, promising hope -- is exactly what got Bill elected in 92. Certainly Obama will make his mistakes if elected, but I think the unifying potential he has for the U.S., and the PR potential of a U.S. President whose middle name is Hussein, and who spent several childhood years in an Islamic nation, is incalculable. When I travel outside of Japan, I'm already finding a lot of interest in him and a lot of people in various countries who want him to be elected, in a way I don't remember happening before.

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