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May 08, 2008


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very interesting story telling to childrens , good article

Elaine D

We've put out cockroach traps & bought the cockroachbegone spray & I'm dreading the first sighting! I guess that goes with the territory though. I could have stayed home on the dry Canadian prairie & avoided the little monsters but what would be the fun in that?

Dad aka GDad Blake

How about a positive spin on the situation. Have you seen any tigers lurking about? Probably not. I have never read or heard about cockroaches infesting tiger dens.
Start to worry when the roaches start scampering for the hills.

Love to all....Dad


I knew you had to have live-in, er, ruggers, given your locale, yet it hadn't really sunk in enough for me to acknowledge in my conscious mind. I still have nightmares from my time in a similarly located clime.

Only our ruggers flew. Ugh. Still sends shivers up my spine to recollect.

I may have to agree to meet you somewhere rugger free, darling. That or bring anti-anxiety meds!

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