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May 05, 2008


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Between this and the last post, perhaps you might consider giving up computers.
Oh, wait, then you wouldn't be here.
Never mind.


Oh crap, busted! We have all done stuff like that, sometimes its that rude sexy stuff that a husband should get but a teacher or mother-in-law does.
Sorry darling, don't feel bad, everyone knows what a lovely lass you are.


Hello sweetheart! Hope all is well. Miss talking to you.

Dad aka GDad Blake

I have the same embarrassing experience when I break wind while sending smoke signals.

Love to all....Dad


My first experience with the such? I had bought a "racy" item for my husband's birthday off the internet (the type of item where there isn't a return address or company name...) and sent the invoice, by email, by MISTAKE to my husband's SECRETARY!!!!


i can relate i have been the brunch of a multi chat when a friend smsd me her "but you know how miza gets when you let her donw i have to go to the braai - what a pain!!" instead of another friend...we didnt talk for months!!
Try talking to a teenager who is emersed in a mix it conversation right in front of you, its crazy!!!
Hope it all works out though.

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