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May 31, 2008


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I happen to be in agreement. Very well stated!!

Auntie Pammie

I agree with your statements as I felt the same way when I heard they had sold. It was a burden for them and they deserve a maintenance free place.
I only remember being grounded in that house, so no love loss for me :-)


don't you mean lawy rolling?? Don't Canadians do that?? Miss you, Lyns

Dad aka GDad Blake

I must admit I enjoyed 53 Con Road but the reality of house and grounds maintenance was losing its appeal over the years.
What all you children should know is that if any of you need behaviour modification the new owners will let me assign you wood moving duties at our old home should any of you step out of line.

Love to all....Dad


I'm sentimental about that house. My goodness - you and your parents were godsent during my tumultuous teens. But I wasn't very sentimental about 6 Phinney Court either....Not since dad nailed my bedroom window shut! Maybe I should have moved some firewood too!



You did wood moving for a punishment? Wow were my parents getting a great deal from thier kids!

I'm glad that your parents won't have to deal with the upkeep of a place, and I understand your feelings about (aboot?) the place. We moved twice while I was growing up, once when I was too young to really have an opinion, and the other when my opinion was solicited. "Move? YES!" At least I'm pretty sure that was the way I felt. It wasn't that I didn't like where we were living. It was that the new place sounded so amazing to a teenager!

I'm sure it will be interesting going through those boxes of books. But it is amazing how quickly you can decide to part with them - having done that a few times myself.

Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

Lovely memoir, honey. Thanks for reminiscing - no regrets just expectation for the future and thanksgiving for the past.

Love you, darling-

M xox


Oh sweet Charles, he gets points for that. I love it when my friends have husbands who do special things like that and I don't have to kill them. (PMS now... husbands who make my friends cry better run!)

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