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June 02, 2008


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You should let him say goodbye. Nice diversion with the new ones.


Both...let him say goodbye to them when you leave on vaction and then not have the around when you come back!!! We set a deadline with Noah for his passy/nuk/pacifier for when pre-school started...it worked really well... especially when he went and got it before nap time and lost it (that was the end of the nuk/passy/pacifer forever!!!)
We'll be praying for JJ's lungs!!! I hope that the report is good! Miss you lots, LYNS


Thinking of you and hoping that the news for J's breathing is good. There must be some more effective treatments available for him.

Maybe Jasper could agree to stop wearing the Dorothy pjs, if he can still see them sometimes? Some of our pajamas, dresses and t-shirts are such huge favourites that our children can't bear to pass them along to younger nieces and nephews. I have a bag in the basement for the few special items that the children (or I) can't say goodbye to yet. Sometimes after a year they don't seem so special any more, but there are a few we will keep for many years to come!

Could a favourite large teddy bear wear the Dorothy pajama top?


NO NO! YOu can't throw them away?? Why not keep them for him to see later on, in 20 years or so and let HIM decide if he still wants them. My kids have all kinds of important items and I just put them away in bins. When they want to look through, we do. Something that important is honestly VERY important to them. My almost 16 year old still feels good knowing that his batman PJ's from when he was three are still available for him to touch and look at if the need arises. I mean, you can't keep EVERYTHING (most of the clothes, books, toys, puzzles etc are sent to younger cousins to use) but it is nice to hold on to the special things.

Anxious to hear about Jasper's breathing. Been there, done that.


Dad and I are huddled in a motel in High Level as we head towards to Edmonton for Pam's graduation. From this wee spot on the earth we will join you in prayer as you go to JJ's appointment re. his lungs. Please let us all know how the appointment goes. We love you, blonde little man.

M xox

Dad aka GDad Blake

I just read n article that to stop coughing spells at night rub Vicks Vapour Rub on the coughers' feet then cover with socks.
I can't recall if Jasper coughs at night but if he does see if the Vicks' treatment gives the little gaffer some relief.
Love to all....Dad

Lucy Moran

Oh Tess, I hope JJ's lungs show some improvement tomorrow. When Hugh was 1 and sufferred a severe asmtha attack in HK, we questioned our committment to HK and it's pollution, but shortly after that episode we were in Sydney (during SARS) and he suffered 2 asthma attacks both resulting in hospitalization for several days. We put it down to the pollens - like you did. And happily returned to HK for 3 more years! In hindsight, though nearly 3 years in Australia since then we have not had one asthmatic incident with any of the kids. I know there isn't an easy answer to it - but I've been astounded at our kids health since leaving HK, where we spent $1000's on medical expenses.
Love to you all,


I've got everything crossed for Jasper's dr visit.

Personally I would search ebay for a pair of wiggles pjs in his size. Preferably in a summer weight. But my kids are spoiled rotten :)


I also would see if perhaps there is an overstuffed bear that could wear the favorite pj's. My son's favorite Wiggles t-shirt from years ago adorns a favorite night time lovey that he takes to bed with him. I'm sentimental like that though. I have little stuffed animals that come out with the decorations at Christmas time wearing my children's first Christmas outfits too....


in addition to the stuffed animal suggestions: you can make a pillow out of the jammy shirt. a quick sew across the bottom and arm holes (at the shirt seam, not the bottom), stuff with poly fiberfill, quick seam across the neck. tie sleeves around back in a knot. instant fave shirt pillow.


Try pointing out to him that he has grown so much they don't fit. The PJ's need someone who fits them. Would he like to take a picture and then pass them on to someone who could love them as much as he has? A friend or charity? Take the picture, give a copy to him for his "I'm Awesome" binder and say goodbye to the PJs.

Super B's Mama

I'm a sucker for a blonde-haired boy in too-small pajamas. I say let him wear them until he busts out like Incredible Hulk. Brody's Transformer pajama pants now look more like shorts. But don't throw them away!


i think you should let him say goodbye and then hide them (if you can) my sister had a "binkie" which was originally a 2-3 size winter night dress which she wore untill she was well over five - it stretched and thinned out to accomadate, sometimes it seemed like the binky didnt want to let go either!~! We packed it away and still have it now (she is 13)
Also thanks to your dad (?) for the tip with the vicks, my son has a constant cough and i never thought to do that but i will tonight and when my daughter is out of hospital ill do the same for her.
Glad jaspers results were good.
Keep well

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