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June 14, 2008


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Dad aka GDB

I think 145 mms equates to 14.5 cm or roughly 6 inches of rain or as we equate it in the Arctic, 60 inches of snow.

Good weather for Wellies,Macs and Brollies.

Love to all.....Dad

Auntie Pammie

Glad to hear you are all well xoxxo


That person who took the video driving? Not bright.

Arizona has a "monsoon season" which is typically in July, August & September but varies because it is based upon climatic data. In our season we get 1/3 of the year's water, and it typically comes in sudden, late afternoon thunderstorms with dramatic temperature drops.

Each year before the season arrives, we are bombarded with messages about the danger of running water. In fact, we are in the middle of these evening news specials running with the warnings that "nearly half of all flash flood fatalities are automobile related. Two feet of water will carry away most automobiles and you can lose control of your vehicle in just 6 inches of water."

Every year, we have people who die or who have to be rescued because they thought their car was "big enough" to make it through. It is such a problem, that in order to reinforce the no-nonsense approach, local municipalities have inacted "Stupid Motorist Laws" which require motorist who survive to reimburse the city or county for the expense of coming to the motorist's rescue.

Didn't mean to go off the deep end here, but when I saw the raging water that was being navigated for "work," I felt ill for that motorist's family.

Question? What (other than a Michael Douglas movie, a Japanese book, and an Ozzy Osbourne song) does Black Rain mean?

Is it like a black diamond on a ski slope?

Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

Wowwwwww honey, amazing. So glad you are all safe and well.

Love, M xox


Thank goodness you are all safe.


Dear Auntie Pammie,

"Black" is the category indicating the severity of the rain. We have in Hong Kong a regular rain storm, a yellow rain storm, a red rain storm - and finally the black rain storm warning - black being the highest category of course.

Tess - thanks for linking to my video!

Joseph (kayan) Lau


That must have been quite spectacular! Lucky we have His promise... hope you got to see a rainbow afterwards?

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