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June 05, 2008


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Louise M

Love the post. My son David had a very high sense of justice and fairness as well. He would always befriend the "underdog" of the classroom and would willingly pair up with them in group projects, even though he knew he would probably have to do most of the work. They are different and are doubly loved by everyone for it... Hugs to Sebastion and may his faith keep him strong.


Laughing now, because I'm trying to imagine what would happen to a teacher in our state schools who responded as Sebastian's did! Around here, they would either affirm Sebastian's statement about God or keep talking. Definitely NOT raise the possibility of God not existing!

Isn't it wonderful when people spontaneously praise our kids to us for something specific? I love it when that happens. One of the best things about having parent volunteers at school, I think.


It is lovely when someone says something about your kid, that you know and recognise in him. I am so pleased she said something. Do not be embarassed about being touched by it.

My 'stepdaughter' once said "You have to tell people positive things about themselves, if they look good, say so. If they have great eyes, say so, you may never get the chance again, and this goes for everyone, no matter what their age." She was only 16 at the time.

Lucy Moran

Tess I'm so glad Jasper is okay. And hope that you can now relax a little.

My impressions of Sebbie especially the last time I saw him, are that he's a very thoughtful and considerate little man - wise beyond his years! Dare I say - much like Charles!

Love Lucy


it's great that seb is standing up for himself. but his teacher is right, he should (and i'm sure does) have respect for those who believe differently or choose evidence over faith, just as those who do not believe need to respect those who choose to do so. maybe it's just a sore spot for me, but i live in a country where my choice not to believe is persecuted, where i am more feared than terrorists. i know you do not raise your children to judge others, but for the benefit of other readers, i would like to remind them that christianity does not have a monopoly on morality (or even, for that matter, the population).


What a delight your boy is. You have so much to be proud of!

Super B's Mom

THIS is proof of your incredible ability to raise AMAZING children, Tess. YOU ROCK.


FWIW, about the tummy thing, I think a symptom of chronic asthma is a distended belly. My brother had this when we were growing up...it's something about their diaphragm working so hard to get enough air in. So possibly that was what the dr was talking about. (Oh, and his stomach isn't like that now that he's an adult.)

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