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July 06, 2008


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Dad aka GBD

Let's get back to the Yellowknife situation! Granted it really doesn't get dark here in the Summer season( the 3 months when we don't get snow) but if you brought the little nippers here at Christmas they would be able to sleep 18+ hours a day.
When shall I tell your mother the little darlings are arriving?
Love to all....Dad

Auntie Pammie

What a great blog to read, you all sound like you are having a great time ,and the part that did my heart good was reading not about the fancy schmancy food places ( I am frugal like Dad), but the garage sale=ing!!!! I am hoping that there is one in Fintry when we all are there so that I can take the kids and let them buy tonnes of schlock!!!!
I scored us some easy mandatory reading for Fintry at a recent garage sale,, sigh
I cant wait to see you all,, in fact it will be in ,,,, hmmm lets see....20 sleeps or so?
Love Pammie xoxo
ps) loved the comment put under "tip"

Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

Fabulous blog full of fun, friends and family. Keep having a great summer, honey. Loads of love to you all and of course, we cannot wait to see you :-)

Much love, M xox


What wonderful adventures, and wonderful stories. I'm so glad you all are having such a great time. And yes, those were great garage sale bargains. I love getting children's books for 25 cents each!
Keep on having a great summer.


sparrow's fart?


Sounds like an awesome time is being had by all. Many wonderful memories are being made:)

I know you wish you could drive, but you did great finding the day camp so close. I know you must get frustrated, but at least you have a good reason, you know. Just remember that when you get discouraged:)


I read the blog "compromise - and its all good"... It is very interesting... Thanks for sharing... I hope you had a great time...


It sounds like you are having fun. But cats? oh my.

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