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July 03, 2008


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Auntie Pammie

Tess, it sounds like you are having a great time, I will have a hot tub this time next year if that is any help???
I look forward to seeing you all in a few weeks
Love your sis
P xoxoxo

Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

Apart from poor old Jasper and the cat blanket it sounds like you are all having such a great time! Wonderful. Continue to ENJOY :-)

Love, M xox

Louise M

Lulu Lemon is huge out on the west coast. My friend's daughters have a couple mortgage payments worth of clothes. My daughter has a couple pairs of pants and jackets, but she bought them herself. Sorry to hear about Jasper, understand his situation as I have a cat allergy as well and have to wash my hands after petting ours (yes, I'm nuts, allergic to cats but we have one). Sounds like your have a divine time on your visit.

Dad aka Grandad GDB

Tessie my dear:

This is your Dad not Mum, just incase the name and e-mail above don't read accordingly.

Good to hear from you again but I must issue a warning to you and all others. The next person who mentions LuLu Lemon is OUT OF THE WILL. Having said that I saw some smashing swimsuits and sportswear at Walmart.

Love to all ....... Dad


Tess, call me tomorrow on my cell...519.521.1435 so I know what time to get you tomorrow. I also want to verify address. Love you!

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