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August 08, 2008


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Barbie pins!!!! (even Jasper?)

Louise M

Ahhh, the joys of hair gel... You will definately have to post a picture of them in their dance outfits.


I am not sure that it gets any more cute than that!!!! Keighley took ballet a few years ago.... it was at the YMCA...probably a lot cheper than in HK..but she too LOVED it....she still puts her tutu on and leotard!!! They will love it...what was that movie with the boy ballet guy Billy something??? Charles can take encourgement from that right?? Love ya Lyns

GDad Blake

Incroyable! Pas de deux ou, peut-etre, pas de trois?

Love to all.....Dad


My daughter is about the start her fifth year of ballet. She LIVES for it. Well...that and hockey. She is quite well rounded! Our ballerina hockey player.

Too bad it costs so much there. Here it is only $30/mo for an hour a week and the leotard/shoes etc total about $50 per year. This is just for one child, so I know it will add up with more than one. My daughter wanted her brother to join with her as well and he seemed tempted at the time (she was 3 he had just turned 4) and I forget why we never followed through with that. My husband most likely! SILLY MEN! It isn't going to hurt anything!

Can't wait for pics.


Wilder loved ballet for a year, then decided it was too girly (but secretly wishes he could still dance, I think).

Dance shops sell these zig-zaggy headbands designed to pull back all the hair and hold it into place, when it's too short for a bun. Maybe a quicker option than ten million bobby pins....

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