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August 22, 2008


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Lucy Moran

I'll be thinking of you all weathering the storm - I hope it doesn't cause too much damage! Luckily 122 is pretty sturdy and robust!

I can't believe that Sebastian is now in Year 2, and Ashleigh's in year 1!!!! That would be my boys if we were still there.
Good luck for the weekend,


Stay safe!!

Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

Great writing and a great story, darling! Wow, what a day you had and what fun inspite of the typhoon or maybe because of it. LOVE Seb's 'do' - go Seb go!!

M xox

Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

AND love Sela's amazing curls. So proud of her bedtime reading skills :-)

Love, M xox

GDad Blake aka Dad

When does the wind wind down??

Love to all....Dad


Question: Why tape the one window and not the others? I'm sure the answer is obvious but I had to ask....and stacking the furniture? To help the windows? We get some good storms on the West Coast that Melo says are like a Typhoon 5...which now explains why she gets nervous when we take the SUV to go storm watching with the family in tow and the wind rocks the truck at the beach. I love the pictures. J


living through a tropical storm here too. ours is pretty much a non-event. we get worse afternoon convection thunderstorms. there aren't even any good hurricane parties anywhere. yours looks like a lot of fun.

i'd just like to point out that the godless have tropical storms and friends hanging out too. how can seb not believe in god? it's pretty easy, really. i'm not saying that he should or shouldn't, just that it's the same either way when you are watching the wind blowing outside.


jill: looks like there is clear tape on the other windows. maybe they ran out of one kind and had to finish with the other? also, here in florida they tell us that tape doesn't do anything to prevent window breakage in a hurricane, so not to bother taping. if you want your windows to hold, get hurricane shutters or board them up. no, i'm not sure who "they" is, so the source is questionable, but it's what is put on the news before every potential storm.

Auntie Pammie

I am glad to hear that you are all safe and sound.


The tape doesnt prevent the glass from breaking. The tape reduces the mess (spread of glass) if the glass DOES break. The heavily taped window already has a crack.


Ok, I'm with you on the tape for clean-up, but why the furniture against the windows? Do the windows open inward, so you put them there to keep that from happening? When I've lived in hurricane areas, we'd do the opposite - pull it away from the windows, so that if they gave way, the furniture wouldn't get ruined from rain and/or glass.

Or is that the point? You'd like new furniture? ;) (I think it is nice, but I've no idea how long you've lived with it!)

Growing up, we'd have the same kind of parties in the neighborhood, but after a hurricane rolled through. I remember one where the power was out, and it was darker than ink out, but the tiki torches (hello 70's!) were lit and the lawn chairs were put in a circle and the adults enjoyed wine and cocktails while we had charcoal grills going to cook dinner for everyone. Really fond memories, as I'm sure your kids' will be, as well.

I can't believe how adorable Seb is in his uniform. Love the pics of story time, too!


Boulder - the two centre windows are sliding doors that shake, rattle and roll when the wind gets high. The furniture helps reduce the amount they bang back and forth.

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