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August 12, 2008


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It's not nice to have to kill an animal, but mice are nuisances in the home. Apart from the hygiene issues, they can chew through wires and make holes in your floor-coverings. If you use humane traps and release them outside you only pass the problem on to your neighbours so it’s probably best to kill them anyway. At least you won’t need to worry about Jackson’s great great great grandsons if you send him to mousey heaven now!

Karen Ritchey

Landon would have been out of that place in an instant. He is creeped out by mice. I have to admit, I would have been out the door right behind him. You get the medal for bravery.
Mice doo is a killer if humans breathe it...not to mention the heart attack they cause!!!
Hope that mouse family realizes how very lucky they are? Did this happen on 08/08/08 by any chance?!!!


i am not a mouse killer, that's a fact. ask pammie she knows more about how to kill a mouse.

Dad aka GDad Blake

It got a lot worse! I just received a call from Fintry. Jackson's mum has retained a lawyer and is suing all of us for various and sundry acts which we should deny. Her major concern involves assault with a spatula.
Love to all.....Dad


You are indirectly a killer if you are anything but a pure Vegan anyway. And yes, the mouse is a health hazard, so if they want to come into your world they must take their chances.

Auntie Pammie

If I recollect, the mouse was heavily armed and so it needed to be snuffed out. It kept me awake and so revenge was required. We shall meet again next year mouse..... ( evil laugh) .... xo


peanut butter is suppose to work well in mousetraps. of course, i buy mine frozen, so that saves most of the work. thaw, toss, fuggetaboutit. not that i buy mice anymore. popcorn. i get 2 pound (1 kilo) bunnies for takki and shiva when they are available and medium rats (100-200 grams maybe?) for quasimodo. i've toyed with the idea of traps for the backyard squirrels, tho. rats and rabbits are expensive.

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