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August 15, 2008


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This subject has been bothering me the past few days. My opinion, and only my opinion is that there is no way all of the girls on the Chinese team are 16 years old. Rules are rules, whether you agree with them are not...and in this case the rules say competitors are to be 16 years old. I really don't care what age the Olympic committee (or whoever makes the rules) decides is proper, but I DO think that EVERY country should follow these rules. And I do not think China has.


i agree, amy. if countries have ways of making the playing field uneven, let's even it out. most countries cannot fudge passports (or the media would call them on it), so that's why i say the IOC needs to lower the competing age, so that everyone gets a fair chance.

Auntie Pammie

Good morning Tessie. This is your dear old dad not Pammie. She would not be too happy if I changed her heading so I have not made any amendments, however, I digress.
In regards to the issue please be assured IOC members are bending over backwards to fix the problem.
Love to all......Dad


I had a missing tooth during my senior year of high school - had to have the baby tooth pulled because the adult one was impacted. that's not enough evidence for me.


Now, I think if they allowed everyone to compete, that would stop all the hoo ha entirely. If you are ten years old and win, good for you Not likey, but go for it!

Is it not time you did a kid update, one by one?


Oops, likely!!


The age limit used to be 14, only a few Olympics ago in fact, and the Romanian gymnasts were competing at age 12. I don't have any problem, then, with keeping the limit at 16, because at least the cheaters (and Bela Karoli was quite blase about the fact that all the authoritarian countries will falsify passports to get an edge) will have to be a little older.

The intl gymnastics group raised the age limits because of rampant injuries. The littler girls were doing senior-level skills to compete, and permanently damaging their bodies all over the place.

Ice Skating has an age limit, too, and it's been made higher even in Kwan's lifetime, again to address injury problems when young girls try to do senior skills.

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