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August 23, 2008


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No fantasy here. I don't want to get pregnant w/twins. I think it's because people figure they'll knock out their whole family in one shot.


i hear you! but this woman already has a child, and she and her husband have no fertility issues....


As a kid, I always wanted to have twins. It just seemed so fun - cute little matching outfits, an immediate and permanent best friend, etc. Then I grew up, and while I still think the matching outfits are cute, its not something I would use drugs for.

However, since I'll have to use the drugs ANYWAY (I hardly ever ovulate), two for the price of one isn't too bad of a deal. I've always loved a two for one sale...

But seriously, I'm not crazy enough to specifically go after twins. I want a baby. One is a miracle. Asking for two almost seems like...pushing my luck. Asking for too much. Being greedy. Right now I have none, so one would definitely be an improvement.

I do think all of the celebs having twins is what's starting all of this twin fever. A large portion of them are women who are older, and therefore more likely to have twins naturally, but also more likely to have fertility assistance. And while sometimes twins just occur...I personally think it shouldn't be my decision. If I'm meant to have twins, I will. If not, okay, its probably for the better.


Where I live twins are a status symbol. The adults want the attention it brings them more than the 18+ years of cuteness.


I agree--- attention, attention. My very critical and judgemental opinion would be someone who's life is lacking in other ways, and craves the attention multiples give.

GDad Blake aka Dad

I disagree with your statement "no one wants triplets".Grandparents do!!!

Love to all....Dad


I've followed you since the triplets were born from the ttc site, not to sound stalker-ish, but I was always pulling for your babes. Who, by the way, look great, all four of 'em. Anyway, that lady is nuts, I say. And you're right, kids are cute period, it doesn't matter if they came one at a time or three. I get enough attention as it is here with four kidlets, and I had all of mine individually. I could not imagine adding two more to the brood just for the fantasy! Like my mama says, "It takes all kinds to live in this world, all kinds." Ain't that the truth!


I hear comments like that all the time and I think people think it's easier to have more than 1 at a time, plus the extra attention from having twins. What they are not considering is how much harder it is to have multiples. We might love the heck out of our twin boys, but it has not been at all easy. People with one child at a time have no idea how insane it gets with multiples. There is no time for anything except baby care. We feel very blessed, but we also wish we had been able to enjoy their babyhood more instead of struggling to just keep up with what needed to be done. We had no help, it was all us for the first 7 months. Then it was the two of us working and a nanny during working hours. It was tough.

I have heard comments about "2 for the price of 1!" Yeah, right. Except for having to buy two of everything. And I don't think a twin pregnancy is easier than having two singleton pregnancies.

the main thing is...people don't realize what's involved. If they were in our shoes, they would know not to wish for it. I would not trade my boys for anything and I am very very grateful to have them, but I would have chosen 2 pregnancies over 1 twin pregnancy any day. And especially would have chosen consecutive newborns instead of twins. That is the hardest part.

We started with triplets and lost one, so we often marvel at what it would have been like with three. I love reading about your family and your triplets.


I never had a great desire for twins but somehow multiples are just that extra bit special, miraculous. Sharing a womb, a birthdate, so many of the same experiences.


I used Clomid for two months (ovulation problems), and I ended up with quads. We lost one of our daughters after one week, and the other three were in the hospital, fighting for their very lives, for almost four months. About three months after our kids came home from the hospital, an infertile friend of mine said she was going to take Clomid: "What is there to lose, right? Even if I have multiples, it will be fine. Just look at yours! Yours are fine!" I think people quickly forget the hell parents go through even in just welcoming their multiples into the world! They only see that at the moment, the three babies before them are cute and cuddly and fun. They forget quickly about the heartbreak of losing one or the stress of having them in neonatal, or the anxiety of trying to care for three (or two or four). People see what they want to see...the happy and cute parts of life as a multiples mom is way easier to see than the rough and difficult path.


Hi there,
I am a friend of Mandy and your mom's and am expecting twins (totally naturally and shock of all shocks) and am basically petrified. So as much as we want these 2 because they are ours and obviously what God wants for us, I would have never aimed for twins, actually I had aimed to NEVER have twins. LOL

Anyway, I read your blog and always enjoy it. Perhaps I will start one of my own one day.


I think that, when people say that twins are cute, what they mean to say is that twins are attention-getting. You don't get a lot of folks at the mall cooing over a toddler and newborn -- but two newborns? Oh yeah.

All the media present twins as fun, even if the presentation comes with caveats. Twins are sitcom material, you know? How often, really, does something happen like on "Brothers & Sisters," where the couple with twins loses one in the NICU? Not very often. So I think people are poorly informed about the risks.

I cannot understanding taking Clomid when you're not infertile. But I would give my right arm not to have had my kids in the NICU, too -- I'm glad it was there, to save their lives, but if I could have kept them out of it, by having them one at a time, that alone would have been worth giving up the "cute triplets" tag.

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