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August 19, 2008


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Louise M

I got stiches in my chin when I was 2, slipped on the kitchen floor. Ended up getting stiched twice that day, because 30 minutes after getting home, I pulled all the stiches out (Dr. has tried a new spray-on bandage, he put a huge normal one on the 2nd time...) Both my kids split their chins and required stitched as well before they were three... Hope she only gets a tiny scar that "diappears" as she grows.

GDad Blake aka Dad

We are proud of you Carys. Chin up sweetheart.
Love to all.....dad

Auntie Pammie

Hey Tess,
What a horrible but thankfully fixable thing to happen. I am so proud of Carys (and you), she is one brave little lady and she is strong!! You tell her how proud Auntie Pammie is of her !!
Love to you all

Carrie in Minnesota

Aww poor sweet pea! Alex has has stitches twice. Give her a smooch for us!

Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

Oh Carys, I am so proud of you. Well done, little one. And your mummy was so brave too. I love you both.

M xox


Poor little one! I'm glad she was brave and on the mend. My experience is that these things always harder on me than the kids.


Yes, seemed you were more upset than she was. Ah well, that's part of being mom.


what is it with chins? it's like they attract trouble. mine came from a coffee table when i was 2. carys is such a trooper! and look at her proudly show off her stitches. unquenchable spirit.


Ouch! I hope you're both *mostly* (because I don't think you ever forget these things as the adult, and I can't imagine the cut is fully healed quite yet) recovered from the experience by now.

If it is any consolation, my poor mother was known by first name at the local hospital for all the things my brothers (one in particular) did like this growing up, and everyone survived. :)



Anything that reminds me of the NICU sets off something deep in my brain that makes sleep difficult. Not good, considering all the normal injuries of childhood!

I hope she's feeling all better now. And you, too.

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