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September 26, 2008


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Dad aka GDad Blake

In my eyes your mom still is 40.

PS. I think your mom reads your blog and comments.

Love to all....Dad


Dad aka GDad Blake, you are such a sweet man and Tess is a lucky sausage to have you as a Daddy. You sound like the 2nd best one in the world. (My Dad aka Pops being the best one!)


Well, it sounds like you are doing it. Congratulations on the fish and bionicle (I am behind the times, don't even know what that is and kids are excited about it)


I get personal satisfaction from every lego creation I have ever built. Love having boys and love those things! 40, sigh, is looming a few years off - I, frankly, think I will LOVE 40 - and so will you!
how do mommies of babies do it?? We swear if we ever had #5 that it would sleep through the night in two weeks because no one would get up with the poor bugger!


I have no I idea what the heck a bionicle is, and I'm a tiny bit afraid to google for it. So, from now on I'll assume to insert "MOST FABULOUS INDULGENCE FOR A CHILD!" in a yelling in my head voice when I see the word bionicle.

I imagine it will not be often, but I like to have a plan.

Our heat hasn't quite broken to cooler nights yet. It threatened to, and chilled the pool. Then elected to warm up again. I'm looking forward to opening the sliding doors at night and enjoying the breezes through the screens, but I'm unhappy about trading the warm days away when I'd still like to enjoy my "summer."

Excellent grab on the fish, and good call on the street, er, beach walkerl.

Sorry about Jasper, and I feel your pain on the lack of sleep. I'm simply thrilled that it wasn't actual blood coming out of his ears!

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