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September 29, 2008


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Auntie Pammie

Sometimes I am more for the boobs in a box, as I find the VS and LaSenza ones always have "wire" problems....
plus a good sale can sway my vote as well :-)
Love Auntie Pammie xoxo


Hi Tess! I am very large breasted & I wear the boobs on the bed style. Why, when I have much more than enough on my own? Because a single wimpy little wire won't hold them up! I need all that foam to keep them from hanging to my belly button.

Louise M

Mine are a bra in a box (but the Bay puts them on hangers anyways). They are the Triumph sport bra. Hate having the straps fall down off the shoulders so have worn the sport bra with a racer back from Triumph for the past 20 years. Had a hard time finding any the past couple years, but discovered the Bay now carries them (even checked the website, I was getting so desperate for a couple new ones, but could only find retail stores in England where the bras are manufactured)

Super B's Mom

My boobs have never been a match made in heaven, so I guess you could call mine the:

"Whatever bra looks halfway decent and doesn't shout "Hey Look at us - we don't match!" in the box/bed ....oh I give up."

Dad aka GDad Blake

Your mother told me to keep my eyes closed when I read your blog.
Love to all....Dad


I LUV my push up bra and my padded bras! My bazongas are somewhat small. Especially useful for when it's cold and I don't want to share the fact that I'm cold with the whole world. The cup stays in their shape, but the pice of fabric between the cup is flexible so they tend to fold in half.


Sometimes I have to agree with your dad. Oh. And 'just enough foam to protect me'? Do they make kevlar bras for those of you with concern?


i've never found boobs on a bed that fit right. granted i haven't tried them all, but while they may be the right cup size, the shape is always just weird on me. perhaps they just don't scale them well for the larger fatchick. i've always found a better fit with bra in a box style, although my absolute fave was a vs body by vic line bra that had thicker cup fabric that was still stretchy and no foam. i haven't tried the ibex yet (ipex, ibex, some sort of horned beast to be sure) as for most of the past few years i've been stuck in the peek-a-boo style. looking forward to buying new bras once the leech lets go.


I had never considered my bras "bras from a box" until I met you Tess. I always titled my bras "German Built Containment Structures". I hate wiggle, I hate cleavage stuck together; I need them high and separated...not so easy with a 36 D. So...sure, while I don't need more as in more foam to fill..but I need STRUCTURE across the back to keep these gravity lovers on the top half of my body!


lets just say that I HATE bra shopping... I agree with Charmaine...I don't want to pay $70 for boobs that I already have...I am grateful for my bounty...but why can't i get a sexy bra that doesn't have foam...I don't need the help..just the lace... having said that...i tend to be a box girl..its cost effective...but lately i have been a boobs on the bed girl minus the foam..i found a few hanger bras that don't have the extra "push up" that I don't want and are really comfortable... is this too much info.... xo lyns


When Charmaine was young, and still wearing bras that had all the support of a silk scarf, she remarked one day that I wear Nazi bras. What are Nazi bras? They have wider straps and the back usually has three hooks and eyes. I think Charmaine wears Nazi bras now too, even though they come in a box.

elaine d

I made the transition from bra in a box to boobs on the bed a couple of years ago when I discovered that they made the old girls look a little perkier! I still keep a couple of the bra in the box variety for traveling though as they're so much easier to squash in a suitcase.


Bra in the box however these days i've realised that the B-Box doesn't work whist breast feeding as they end up in your face poking out the top!


Haha, I love the title of your post!
I'm a "boobs on the bed" bra wearer


I like them just the way they are, exactly where they are... no bra, no box, on the bed... on the floor... on the...


Let's see Tess, it has been a lot of years since you have seen me... when you last saw me (at my wedding) it was boobs that needed NO BRA! Now after 4 babies... it is boobs that not only need a bra but if they are left to themselves they WILL be BOOBS ON THE BED (Without the bra!!!!!). So if wearing a bra I prefer the good 'ol padding, wiring, pusher uppers that make my boobs almost hit my face... but man... you should have seen some of the women in Angola... they don't wear bras or shirts and they tie them down with bailing twine... I almost thought THAT was the way to go... since having them tied down saves you from being knocked unconscious when you have to run! YEHHHHAAAA! Of course there are the ladies from another tribe who don't tie down but instead use decorative beads in the shape of the v-neck, scoop neck or the lovely cross your heart necklace... Either way they have FREEDOM... a bit of sag (ok a LOT, but 'the more' 'the better'), but freedom! So I am in a bit of a bind as to which one to choose... Bra or NO BRA! I choose Bra for the sake of OTHERS! Pete prefers no bra, but that's another story!

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