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September 20, 2008


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elaine d

Don't feel bad about turning 40, Tess. It's truly a great age to be. I just wish I could have figured out how to stay there a little longer!

Auntie Pammie

I need you here, as I am always losing things!! 40 isnt so bad I am finding :-)
Love your sis,
P xox


finding things is a terrific superpower! mine is a little more useless. if you find my sanity or my sleep, let me know, plz.

Dad aka GDad Blake

I was brave enough to escort your mother and grandmother to see Mama Mia last month when we were in Vancouver. 90% of the audience was/were female.As my Newfoundland friends would say "Lard tunderin' dey was some eggcited".The " ladies" were reliving their teenage years. I found it difficult to sleep during the movie.

Love to all....Dad


I'm in love with your dad - his comment is hilarious!

I, too, possess the same super-power. I have found the comment, "I will come to your room and help you find your (insert lost object here), but if I find them, I am going to spank you" seems to help the super-power wear off on all my little buggers!


oh, and my friend's dad would call movies like Mamma Mia (Which I LOVED) - he would call them $10 naps!

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