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September 02, 2008


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I 'fixed' those impulse buy sweets by only buying on Fridays. So the kids would ask very politely "Can we have sweets?" and I would reply "Is it Friday?" That was the answer!

Queue 'hoppers' - I don't know, I have never been in a situation where there were lots of people with 1 or 2 items floating around. Why don't they take the initative and chat to the manager? I do allow people in front of me, but have never come across 'crowds' of them(!).


Yes, I have limits, but I don't normally recognize them until I've long passed them!

And then the next time? I'm wondering why, when I've passed them yet again, I didn't learn from the previous time!


PS - I think 3 seems sound, with the caveat of making a judgement call if someone else appears especially needy that day - whether old, ill, or simply excessively weary. I look at it as a chance to feel good about doing the unexpected for someone. (I might, however glance over my shoulder as if to nod to others and say silently, "Last one, everybody!")

Auntie Pammie

It depends on how long of a day I have had - am having that makes that decision for me.

Dad aka GDad Blake

Speak to the store manager about dedicating one checkout station for people with 12 items or less.
Until that happens bring
the triplets with you to the checkout, look haggard,and tell the triplets to stand beteeen you and the person behind you.If the triplets want sweeties tell them to ask the person withover 3 items.
Love to all.....Dad
PS..Let me know if it works.


I don't let people jump in line. In NYC, if I did that I would never get through the line. My point of view is: we all have to wait in line. The lines take as long as they take. My time is just as valuable as anyone else's. No one is going to let me go ahead of THEM, are they? So, no.

I have had some real problems with people deciding they deserve to jump in front of me... especially when flying alone with my twins and going through security. Of course I have tons of stuff to put through the machines and a big double-stroller too. And two carseats for the plane. So at Christmas some people started cutting in front of me becuase they thought I was taking too long. So I turned around and told them to GET BACK and WAIT THEIR TURN. I guess you could say I hissed it. But around here if you give an inch they take a mile.

Maybe people are politer in Hong Kong?


Sorry, my limit also is zero. Last few times I left people with a few items ahead they both cashed paychecks, and ended up with manager approval, bank calls, and fifteen minutes of waiting for just two items. So no, if lots of low item people are in line it is up to the store to open the ten items or less line for them.


I just had this situation! I was in the store with my triplets, I had a full cart, and a man asked if he could go ahead of me. He had two things. "Sure!" Then, a lady walked up behind me and asked if she could go. "Sure", again.
I was already putting things onto the checkout belt when another man asked if he could go ahead. I said, "Y, know, I might have said yes if you weren't the third person to have asked me that. I'm sorry." And then I felt like a jerk. I shouldn't have, but I did.
Oh well. I got out sooner and my kids made it without a freak-out.


I'm with Karla. Letting one person go ahead was nice, number two was beyond the call of duty, and I think you can with clear conscience decline the third person who asks.

I've been thinking about this all day, and how nice you are. I'd probably be glaring at person #2.


My limit is less than five too. Maybe two on a good day (with exceptions for people with special needs).

Karen Ritchey

If I have time, I usually ask a person with very little stuff if they'd like to go ahead. Beyond that, I figure they could pick another line. If I have PMS, nobody gets ahead of me!!!!!!!! :)

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