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September 14, 2008


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Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

Not Mo but dear old dad here. Today we had the festival of "Damnit it's starting to snow". Everyone rushes to their winter clothes storage area and drags out the woolies, mukluks and survival gear.Exciting times.
Sad to say I'm off to Vancouver. Mo will hold the fort until I return.
Love to all....Dad


I remember our first mid autum festival...we went to the beach on DB and celebrated with the Schimidts...Keighley was a few days old...and was in the baby bijorn...there were candles in the sand and kiddos running around with glo-sticks...it was lots of fun!!! Noah enjoyed the beach lots... boy do we miss HK at times... love ya..Lyns

Auntie Pammie

Nice to see your newest addition to your blog,, great shot of you and MC as well as Miss Sela. Please feel free to send the hot weather this way, it is in the 20's all this week ,, I always would love it hotter :-)
Love to you all
Auntie Pammie xoxo

Super B's Mom

Oh my...how I'd love to have one of those masks!!! They're gorgeous!!


Wow - you seem to be involved in the most interesting things. It does seem nice to raise children in Hong Kong, we've nothing like that here.


you all make gorgeous dragons! it's hard to believe fall is around the corner here too, although if the weather report is right we will have our first day (tropical storms notwithstanding) of not-90's (not-30's) since last spring. we may get autumn here by halloween. speaking of halloween, z says she wants to be supergirl :). she loves that costume.


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