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October 07, 2008


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Dad aka GDad Blake

I can remember my parents telling me to take a hike but can't remember having snacks or having tea.
Times have changed.
Love to all....Dad

Super B's Mom

Oh my god, Tess. In case you haven't noticed - Seb is in a position to break A LOT of hearts in his time.


Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

What a wonderful day for the boys and you and Janne. I love that Seb expressed how he felt about hugs - good boy. Thanks for sharing that great adventure with us, Tess. Love you!

M xox


Sounds like a lovely day!

Sebastian is getting SO BIG! Like he looks older you know what I mean?? Not a pre-schooler or anything anymore. Will he be 6 or 7 next month, I can't recall?? I know he is at least a year younger than my daughter and she will be 8 on Friday. He must be going to be SEVEN!?!? NOOOOOO!!!!

Auntie Pammie

Tess, Seb is growing into such a handsome young man!! I was just remembering him when he was saying "Baa-Baa" last night.. now look at him,
It is breaking my heart to see him growing up,,,,
Love to you all
Auntie Pammie xoxo


Wow, your boys have got so tall! You have to update your header, they are no longer babies!

They are both so handsome!

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