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October 27, 2008


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elaine d

Ah, Tess. You brought tears to my eyes. No more toot toot chugga chugga big red car. I'll never forget Sebbie reciting that line in YK referring to Nathan's new wheels. You're right, they grow up way too fast.

Auntie Pammie

R.I.P Wiggles, It is a HUGE milestone Tess, but a good one. Plus I am ready to do some backup vocals for the kids on any Abba tune :-)
Love to you all.
Auntie Pammie xoxo

Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

Ohhhhhhh honey. My heart aches for you. Love live the Wiggles.

M xox


I'm there with you Tess. For me it was the Caillou books and VHS. I still have a couple I'm struggling to part with.

Super B's Mom

My heart aches with you honey. Saturday night during a hayride, B told me he didn't want to sit with me and instead wanted to join the group of rowdy boys near the front.

Ouch says my heart.

Dad aka GDad Blake

I had to console your mom when "Charlotte's Web" was downgraded from the must read list. I didn't mind too much but I do miss Templeton.
Love to all....Dad


I felt just the same way recently, when our 8 year old kids said they were ready to put the Wiggles videos, Bob the Builder, and Baby Einstein in the multiples club clothing sale. They are not much interested in Raffi or Fred Penner, or Sharon Lois and Bram any more either.
I am still very attached to them all, and grateful for the quality music and entertainment they gave our little people.
Ouch. It's fun to watch the Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, the Muppet Show and Harry Potter movies together, but I still know all the old ones by heart!
In fact we don't watch that much TV and video around here any more - they'd rather play computer games.


I so sorry that the Wiggles have moved to another spot in your lives - the past.

But, can I admit freely here that I think it is quite wonderful that the new mantle is held by none other than ABBA?

How completely wonderus is that!!??



It seems like a right of passage. One moment ends as another begins, never giving enough warning ahead of time in order to be fully prepared mind you. You put into words the exact feelings I get when some item/moment/activity gets relegated to a memory. Sigh, you made me all leaky...again!


Wiggles haven't come up with E yet. Mom restricts her TV, usually it's Sesame Street or Thomas videos. But when they move on, yes, troublesome.


Oh no, there comes a day when they outgrow the Wiggles? We're just entering Wiggles mania at age 16 months and I seem to enjoy it as much as the baby!


Aw, Tess...I guess they do grow up.


Hi, Tess. I've been reading you for at least a few years now and don't know if I've ever commented. I just wanted to say how beautiful this post is. You're such a good writer, and your family is so lucky that you're documenting your life together here this way. Love and Best Wishes, Val

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