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October 10, 2008


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Auntie Pammie

I have always thought that you are a Supermom.. Enjoy :-)
Love your Older sis xoxo

Dad aka GDad Blake

I think you and your mother are tied for first place.
Love to all.....Dad


I don't know about supermums (partly because they'd be called supermoms here :) ), but I do know about superfriends.

And on that, my dear? You rate high on the phrase.


Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

I remember cross-stitching a wee item for you which said, in part, ".... and they shall rise up and call me blessed." And they do!! And I am with them :-)

Much love, M xox


You are definitely a SuperMom in my world... and a SuperWife, SuperFriend, SuperL.....


My mom used to tell me when someone paid me a compliment and I was having a hard time taking it to just say "thank you, that's me!"
Don your cape my friend...any mother of four is a supermom(smile) and any mother of four with three of them being triples is a double super mom
Love ya,lyns


...and you looked SuperHot when you came home from Lan Kwai Fung last night!


Thinking of the old TV show theme - 'It's a bird - it's a plane . . . it's Supermum!!!!!'

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