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November 28, 2008


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Dad aka GDad Blake

Another "bribe" you can offer is the scavenger rights.
I remember many years ago watching a cute little 2 year old ( she had ruffles on the stern), moving from place to place at a deserted birthday party table and polishing of chips, cake and ice cream that other party guests had left behind.
Love to all.....Dad

Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

Delightful, honey!! So glad that my main man, Seb, had such a great party. Did Charles produce another unbelievably fab cake? Well done to both of you for keeping 1 plus 3 so happy and content.

Many hugs, M xox


good for you. We do the same. The twins even had separate parties this year (they each invited their brother - hilarious!). You'll know if & when the girls might need their own time. Sometimes it is all about the family, but other times they each need mommy and daddy to themselves! Take care, my friend!


i think you ARE perfect!


I love the fact you wanted to make Seb has his own party and go through all the effort to find an alternative place for the triplets so you can focus on him, he is a lucky little guy.
By the way thanks for your visit the other day :)

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