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November 08, 2008


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I was actually in the emergency room with my little boy. He ended up being diagnosed with pneumonia. NOT GOOD! LOL! Love the way the election turned out though.


I was also home from school in 86' when challenger blew up.

I was watching the news when the Berlin Wall came down.

I was in Thailand just about to stick in a movie when the towers were hit.

I was in HK at the Weathingtons when we heard about the Tsunami.

And I was in my living room watching CNN.com live when the annoucement was made!!! Couldn't have been prouder to have been an American that night and to have voted for the winner!!!! It was a good night!!! xo lyns


I was living in FL, so my 6th grade class was standing out by the portables watching the shuttle take off when we saw it explode and fan off in those two directions. The class gasped, we ran back inside to the television and heard what we already knew. The election night? I was sitting on my sofa with my youngest son, watching history... And I cried...


I was AT school watching it happen on TV when Challenger blew up.

When 9/11 happened I was nursing my daughter when the phone rang and my friend on the east coast was screaming and crying and telling me to turn on the TV.

When Obama was elected I was in front of the TV screaming for joy. I called my friend and told her it was real, it was going to happen. She told me not to get my hopes up and it was not confirmed yet. I told her no need, I KNEW he would win. When it REALLY hit me, I was crying and sobbing for joy:) I am pleased that my kids will all be old enough to remember:)


I, too, was home sick from school when Challenger blew up? In Australia! What on earth was going around THAT day?

I was asleep when my husband woke me to tell me about the Twin Towers.

I was at Burning Man in Nevada when Princess Diana died and I didn't find out until days later upon returning to San Francisco.

For this election? Just home pottering around. It was early afternoon here. And I cried even though I am not even American.


I was at a party with our county Democratic group, but earlier in the evening, I was out still knocking doors with our field organizer when the results began to come in. We stopped at our last door and they had called Ohio--we knew it might happen and the guy was just about to tell us the good news when the organizer I was working with stepped back and started walking away. He turned to me and said "If we just won, I don't want to hear it from THAT guy!" which really meant a lot to me--this is a college kid who has been in our town since last summer working on the campaign and he wanted to get back to headquarters to celebrate it with everyone else that we had worked so hard with. I'm in Iowa and this has been going on for almost two years--it's just so amazing to see the result and know that this amazing man is going to be the president.

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