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December 16, 2008


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That's a very funny Carys you have.

Dad aka GDad Blake

Why be surprised?Triplets often are spitting images.

Love to all....Dad

auntie mandy

lol did you notice that sela's doll is sleeping in the same position?!


Sisters. Ah, do you remember your youth like that? (dad?)

Louise M

Kids logic, you have to try not to laugh while discipling them. Love the photo, the cabbage patch doll is in the same position, even the hair is lying behind its head... Wonder if she got a head rush when she moved back onto the bed.



Am much better with my one pill (of course as O, I can get things like single day pills rather than multi-day pills).

This is where O confesses it was a one day dose of antibiotics that got her in to this not so fine mess.

I read the entire PSA, and found it enthralling; leave it to the uk medical system to draw me in on thrush.

What it is with you children thinking 2 times is the perfect amount to try? We'd never have settled on 2, if 2 was good, 4 was better! If we were to get in trouble, it was going to be WORTH it. :)

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