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December 13, 2008


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chris dooks

As a man who has had thrush - oh yes boys, you can get it too you know - I am au fait with the canesten in all of it's forms.

But what made me stop and read you blog today was I thought you were referring to the "Chi of your Fu" I guess you were!

Scratchy of Glasgow :-)


I had the same experience in Turkey a few years ago after taking very strong antibiotics.
After trying to make my self understood I finally decided to "act it out". Strange looks as I scratched my vagina. With this the pharmacist in perfect English said "oh you mean vaginal itch".


I had the same experience in Turkey a few years ago after taking some very strong antibiotics.
After trying without success to make myself understood I decided to act it out. After making a fool of myself scratching my vagina in full view of the whole shop the pharmacist in perfect english said "oh you mean vaginal itch" Felt pretty stupid.


Wait...so you can get birth control pills over the counter but not yeast infection stuff? How strange!

I have tried to get stupid ovulation testing sticks here in America, where people are supposed to speak English...and they always look at me like I'm crazy. You know, they're like pregnancy tests, you pee on them, but for ovulation? You know, testing to see if you ovulated? Um, Clearblue? First Response?

For some reason they always take me to the feminine products section and try to sell me pads. Um, these have wings, will they work? Not even close.


I used to have those all the time. I'm not sure if you can get this in Hong Kong but it will stop you from ever needing a "thrush packet for your itching vagina" again.


It is the ingredients in Yogurt that restore the good bacteria that eats the bad bacteria that is causing the infection. You can get them in pill form and man does it work a treat. Google it for back-up on my quick run definition but if they have it there it's your friend.

Dad aka GDad Blake

Your mother will not let me read your blog.
She said it involved baking and would not interest me. When I pressed her for details she reported:

1) you woke up one morning and had the itch to make cookies from scratch.
2)You got an infection from one of the ingredients.
I thought she had made some rash statements and did not ask for more details.
Love to all....Dad

Dad aka GDad Blake

LA,La,La,La....can't read anything.

Love to all.....Dad

Kirst Afloat

Fanda always come through...laughed like crazy reading your post. Got to love living in HK!

Kirst Afloat

Fanda always comes through...laughed like crazy reading your post. Got to love living in HK!


TOO FUNNY!! I only say that b/c I too have been in the same situation!!! Sorry for your frustration...but you gave me a good HK chuckle! Miss you..hope you feel better soon!! XO LYNS


OMG Tess, I usually wipe up the tears from my computer because your stories are so touching. I can not stop laughting and my computer is soaking in laughing tears. Thank Goodness Grandad Doug is not home to wonder why I have lost my mind up here in my office. Hang in there sista! BTW Thrush usually refers to the mouth infection (in children). You and your readers have made my day!


Hmm, sounds like Dad comes to read anyway.

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