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December 09, 2008


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Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

Tess? Is this Tess? My Tess? I don't think it can be...... it is not possible that a daughter, born to me - flesh of my flesh, etc. etc., could allow her child out in public in anything that was not colour coordinated, clean and not ratty looking.

If this is MY Tess, then I am sooooooo intensely proud of you. Well done, sweetheart! I could never do that and totally commend you. You are a delight!!

Much love and DYING for pictures.

M xox

Carrie in MN

ahhh the joys of letting go!. Alex left for school in a horribly mis matced shirt/sweatpant (ug!) combination. Im sure the teachers think that we never buy the child new clothes. The more "used" the better in his world. We also have a completely child decorated tree this year and the kids love it. Maybe next year we can promote symetry? Love ya!

Dad aka GDad Blake

You are making progress. What you really need now are a dog and a cat to enjoy the Christmas.
1) hang cookies from the tree. The dog will enjoy them.Make sure the dog knows the tree does not need to be watered.
2) hang silver ornaments on the tree. Cats love to haul off and swat shiny dangly ornaments.Caution the cat the tree is not to be used as a perch which might entice the dog to knock the cat off the perch.
Lve to all.....Dad


You know, I have to let you know that I let the girls help me with the tree this year (GASP!). Don't you know it nearly made me hyperventilate, but if I claim that "I buy an ornament for my children each year" and then forbid them to participate then I am robbing them and me of precious memories. SO, I let them hang their own precious ornaments on the tree - even the most fragile ones - and they also helped with the glass crystals. Shae's eyes shone with delight. It was worth it. I even let their little friends (who had come over for a playdate as we were finishing up the tree) hang some. I was a good mum that day....! So, are we both growing up, or are we just learning to appreciate the precious ways that our offspring enrich our attempts at moments of perfection???! You inspire me. Dx
PS I moved some of the girls' ornaments - but I did it while we were still in the throws of decorating and they saw me do it, so I think it's ok.


So nice of you to let the kids have the tree - it still looks nice, and they know they did it. You can decorate it all you want after they grow up and move out. (oh, heavens, to think of such things)


She could not possibly be more angelic and beautiful.
There was a very good "Cathy" cartoon on December 8 about decorating the tree. I'm trying not to be quite as much of a rule-maker as Cathy, but it's hard!
Maybe this link will work?

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