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January 22, 2009


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How sad Tess, I feel awful for her and her family. I'll keep her in my prayers and remain hopeful in spite of what may seem insurmountabe. (hugs)


In fact, with what is going on, I'd like to take this moment to point out to you that "everyone is okay in our household" is *not* at all accurate.

I hope Editha finds peace, and that her loved ones are comforted by the loving legacy she has lived with each of you.



I love you Tess. I am sorry that so many people have lost this woman as part of their lives. I hope there is some comfort knowing she is with our Father now. C


Hello Tess
How awful and so very sad!! I am SO SORRY you are all (Caldwells, Edith's family, employer and friends) are living this nightmare! Indeed, only God is able to bring you all confort at this point!! The beautiful side of the story is to have all these warm memories you have of her doings. God bless 122 and the family back in the Philippines,
Hugs, Odila

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