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January 19, 2009


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Dad aka GDad Blake

And because you never surrender and because you cope so well with reality and because you set a good example....I respect you,admire you and love you.

Love to all....Dad

Dad aka GDad Blake

my first message seems to have gone astray in cyber world so one more time.....and because of all the challenges you face and conquer,and because you set a good example for others and because you are my daughter...I respect you,admide you and love you.

Love to all....Dad

Dad aka GDad Blake


Love to all.....Dad


Hi Tess,
I have read that Jett Travolta's disease was already completely out of control, and that they had tried every medicine they could find and nothing worked. So maybe he should have had someone with him at all times, but you don't seem to be in the same situation.
Just thought I'd mention that...


I thought that was just a way to save water, the old California saying of always shower with a friend.


Hey, me too with my own illness. I know what my limits are and when I push those limits, I pay for it. So I stay within those limits for my little girl and hubby whether I like it or not.

I have always admired you-and even more so now! I really miss talking to you...

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