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February 27, 2009


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Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

Mmmmmm, beautiful, honey. How wonderful you were able to see these brand new little miracles. 'Deja vu all over again' as Yogi Berra would say. You have come a long way, baby.

Much love, M xox

Dad aka GDad Blake

This is my third attempt to send a reply.Anyhow....when you were a little nipper I used to take my friends into your room to watch you sleep.If mom wasn't around I would gently wake you, see your sweet smile , hear you say Daddy,watch you drop back to sleep and then escort my friends( who were saying all the right things about you) out of your room.
Great memories of those days. Je me souviens.
Love to all....Dad


It was such a privilege to begin our stay in your home with a visit to the bedroom to gaze upon those sleeping sweethearts & I couldn't resist sneaking in again last night for one more look before I went to bed!

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