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February 15, 2009


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Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

Your Valentine will feel well loved, honey :-) Nice of you to make him feel so special. We, on the other hand, were pathetic, in that I remembered a card for his darling nibs but it never got out of the drawer and Blake didn't get quite as far as buying a card SO Frugal Blake suggested I keep the card I bought safely in the drawer until next year and that way we could ...... wait for it...... SAVE MONEY! Nevertheless, we had a delightful day/evening and spent the evening with the three other great couples and had a progressive type dinner but just didn't quite progress aka stayed in one house :-)

Love you, sweetheart! M xox


It sounds like you two had a wonderful Valentines Day.

Dad aka GDad Blake

Mom told you that we had gone out for Dinner at Trudel's house. We were mouthing "we have to leave "to each other but never in sync. We were playing Pictionary and when it appeared mom's team might win I would give the WHTG message. Your mother would not answer but when her team was losing she would give the WHTG message plus other desperate signals but to no avail. Our team won and then we went home.....mom just went traipsing by with our Pictionary game and she appears to be dropping it in the bin. Must go now.

Love to all.....Dad


What a wonderful wife you are! Making Charles a breakfast... that means a lot... you woke up earlier, got it all ready... very romantic and cosy of you! Good for him!
Glad you enjoyed the party, because we not only enjoyed it as well, as loved the many pressies you brought me. Thank you!
Love, Odila

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