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February 03, 2009


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This is my feeling on the matter, as well. While I disagree with the doctor's decision to transfer 8 embryos (if indeed, that is what happened, which seems to be the most current explanation), I don't think anyone should be refused the chance to grow their family because they already have "enough" children or because they are a single parent or because they are not financially well-off.

I wish the best to the family - mother, children, and grandparents. And I hope the discussion happening in the media focuses more on the protocol of the number of embryos transferred in IVF treatments, and not on the decisions or situation of one particular woman.


As an IVF patient myself I don't think it's a doctor's call regarding someone's worthiness for fertility treatment based on how many children they already have or marital status. I do however think that the doctor has the responsibility to make prudent medical decisions and counsel their patient about the real risks of high order multiples. I don't think you could find a single reputable RE who would confer that transferring 8 embryos to a woman who already had a pretty good success rate with IVF AND already had multiples is a prudent decision however. It also sounds like this woman may have some mental health concerns which I think is also something that the RE should have potentially done something about - at the very least recommended she meet with a counselor.

I am still skeptical that this was a case of IVF. The only confirmation we have is from the woman's mother and as much as I love my mother and even though she's pretty smart, I don't think she could speak at any level of detail on my IVF treatment.

Dad aka GDad Blake

Hello Sweetheart. Sorry for the long absence. I was in the Deh Cho region for the last 2 weeks in the small communities ie: 81 people and no access to a computer or email.
Just wanted to assure you mom and I would accept your decision should you and Charles if you decide to have more children.
I miss the 4 little nippers you presently have and wouldn't mind if some of them want to stay with us in Canada.
In case you don't hear from me again it will mean mom( Moe) disagreed with me.
Love to all.....including any new additions....Dad


I feel pretty sad for ALL of the kids as they will never have the level of attention that for example your children will have. That to me is the irresponsible decision here. How will these children perceive their childhood in retrospect?

And then asking for charity - because that is what demanding interview money is - well she truly cannot afford to have any of the children. That is so sad.

I will not understand her need to have so many children, surely you cannot spread yourself so thin, and do a good job at parenting? I would have been overwhelmed by the older children, without the need to have 8 more!

This story saddens me more than infuriates me.

P.S. - Will your dad adopt me? He sounds so funny!


I couldn't believe when I read that article. It made me wonder about the integrity of that RE.


The only thing about comparing ART to sex is that you're not terribly likely to conceive octopulets after a wild night of sex. But I take your point.


Actually, the doctor did get into bed with us and required a letter from a psychologist stating we were mentally sound enough to proceed with my friend carrying our genetic embryos for us....does that count?



Word is she worked for the fertility clinic where she was implanted.
But I am still disturbed that now my taxes have to pay to raise her fourteen children. Maybe somebody should ask if she can afford eight more.


Perhaps now it's time to comment on today's news story: a 60-year-old Canadian woman gave birth to twins. http://www.cbc.ca/canada/calgary/story/2009/02/04/cgy-twins-60yearold-mother.html

Super B's Mom

I have to say I was pretty neutral about this story until I saw Ann Curry's interview with the mother on the Today Show. The mother said she struggled financially with six and couldn't have made it without the financial help from her mother. When asked why she would consider doing it again if she was already struggling with six - her reply was:

"I didn't think it would even work."

I'll be honest with you - that makes me angry. But that's all I have to say about that! :)

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