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February 22, 2009


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That's IT! Jade's boyfriend copied his crime from Nancy Kissell, or maybe the other way around?

Re: presents. We're not THAT bad. We have a few more items than the aprons... don't forget we got the triplets new orthodontic-friendly sports water bottles.


Party was fab my lovely! Thanx for hanging round for us yoga loving GCers! Cake was gorgeous and perfect spot to hang out in a wind storm.

Please, please, PLEASE post a photo of Wonder Woman (not you [not publicly anyway]), but one of your cherubs. xxxxxx - hope M and G don't get jealous!

Dad aka GDad Blake

Great picture of Batman and friend (Batlady?).Mom and I are doing a countdown as to how manymore sleeps before we see all of you. I am making up a clients list for the tummy eagle. Shall I put both you and Charles on the list?

Love to all....Dad

Super B's Mom

I am diggin' the costumes...SWEET.

Auntie Mandy

tess, i've heard of a company called ship happens in the states. i don't know if they can reroute your crocs for you but it might be worth sending them a letter. their wed addy is http://www.shiphappenssumas.com/ and just so you know i hate crocs so this is truly done out of love ;) miss you xox


As a fellow Bargain Bessie I weep at the loss of your croc bargain shopping. Also I might need to report you to welfare for the ortho water bottle gift & aprons for your deprived children. I am going to start a new charity: The Tess Trip support grp, pls send me pics of them looking sad. (in the aprons)


I am surprised at the kids not finishing the cake. But I suppose you made an extra big one just so there would be leftovers for you. Good work!


ok.... so you dont know ANYONE in the States that would have accepted your shipment and forwarded it on to you?! hmmm. Anytime my friend. Anytime. Drop me a note if you need my address again.

Happy B day J, C & S!
Love ya
Carrie in MN


The same thing happened to me shopping at the Bed & Bodyworks site... I was going to have them shipped to a US address, so that was no problem, but none of my credit cards are issued by any US bank and I don't have a US billing address. There go my sweet-smelling anti-bacterial moisturizing / foaming hand soaps!


Damn - what is the website? M needs new crocs!
Want me to get some for the trips too???

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