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February 17, 2009


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Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

I just LOVED your telling of the playroom sleepover - what a sweet boy. And yay for Seb and playing so well. Well done, Sebastian!
Love, M xox

Dad aka GDad Blake

And don't forget to apply ice packs to the heads of the children when they have tummy upsets, It seems to help.

Love to all....Dad

Auntie Mandy

Tess I dont know about the money per play thing.. I mean then it's a dissapointment if you have a bad day and it becomes all about how much you made not about the friends you make, the accomplishments, teamwork, etc. I remember when I was in swimming I got a special reward after each season or level. That was so exciting (I'm pretty sure you took me to a movie once!). Maybe look at that. Either way you'll figure it out. Love you lots, xox


I can hear every word spoken between the two of you in my head so clearly. I miss you.

And no, not a fan of bribing for success (not to say I don't do it myself though....but I like hypocrisy as much as I enjoy sarcasm...I am excellent at both)...


Please oh please don't pay him for playing a sport... I firmly belive that it sends the wrong message...then he is playing for HIS glory and for selfish reasons instead of for the TEAM...if they win it's because they all worked together and fought together and tried together...if they lost it was because they worked together and tried together and fought together..but need to work and try and fight harder together...get my theme???
I had a freind once whose dad paid her for every home run she made...he got angry when she was injured and angery if she was benched and angry if she only hit a triple... she only ever thought about her standing and could have cared less about anyone else on the team...
Seb is a great player b/c of his team and his team is good b/c Seb is part of it... Sports are supposed to be about growing and playing together...

elaine d

When I read this I was reminded of Sebbie's sleepover in the trailer! What a fun memory. Now, with a grandson of our own, we're looking forward to many more little boy sleepovers!

I agree with Mandy & Lyns concerning paying kids for succeeding in sports (or school). I'm definitely not for it.

See you soon!


Oh, nothing sadder than sick kids. Hope all are well.


I so don't agree in this paying thing. Children learn from this early age to be materialistic!! Oh please, where has parenting skills gone?

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