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March 14, 2009


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You forgot to mention Los Angeles. We have our fair shares of Aussies.


there we go! los angeles is another contender...


while not on the scale of the big cities, many smallish university towns like mine have quite the international population. we students from all over the world. one of my best friends is from suriname. her husband is canadian. i have known people from taiwan, india, indonesia, an afghan refugee who left the country as a child on a donkey, nigeria (i think), hungary, several hispanic nationalities, and a first generation japanese american. my sister once dated a boy from israel (i never cared for him, he was a jerk, but his brother was nice). wandering around campus one can hear accents and languages from all over the world (yes, aussies included), although probably china and india are the most represented non-american nationalities.

i assume most medium and larger university towns are pretty much the same.


Well, not so sure where else you would have a large number of Australians than the already mentioned cities. However, we can be sure that with the global village getting smaller and smaller, they will be in many more places, no?

e debock

We're finally home & settling in. The internet was connected today so I"m looking forward to blogging about our Hong Kong visit. It might take a day or two though as our wee grandson arrived today & we're busy getting to know him! What a delight!

Say hello to the children for us & tell the girls it's not as much fun when I have to choose my own earrings.

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