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March 07, 2009


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Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

My darling:
Our timing to visit is now perfect as we can help pack, throw out (aka 'weed'), put items in piles for future consideration, etc..... we will be great worker bees for you, honey. Glad we can be part of this next adventure (see, I am trying to be positive for you) with you.

Much love, M xox And my guess is PINK.


Oh my dear Tess, just put in His hand and things will be so totally ok. This thing of us not setting 100% of our roots in places we live around the world, because that is not where we are going to retire, is a pain, which the Bragas also know. Every 2 years is a drag... renew, not renew, move, not move... move for better... move for worse.... oh man that is a pain. The good side of it all, are the changes that come with every move. Changes are great, a bit difficult in their first days, but great right afterwards. God be with you my dear.

Lucy Moran

Oh Tess, so the letter did finally arrive .... it will be sad to go, but if you can manage to stay in Pokfulam you are not really leaving the 122 community ... and maybe some of them will relocate with you! I hope the move goes well, good luck.
Love Lucy


I know this isn't your first choice, having your rent upped to insane levels, but you will make it through, and as with many changes you will find some upside to it at some point. Maybe not right away, or maybe as soon as the door is shut at your current place.

Send me details! You know I've been reading about the potential buildings since we chatted. :)

Dad aka GDad Blake

Mo can do the packing. I will look after the garage sale.No more worries about storage!!

Love to all.....Dad

Carolyn, Calm the Clutter

FYI Miss B insisted on pink at the age of 5 - nothing I could do would talk her out of it. By the time the room was finished, she didn't like it. "Too much pink Mommy". Good luck with the move - highly desirably behaviour for ensuring we don't collect too much clutter in our lives. I'm going with the glass half full crowd. Love, hugs and kisses to all, C

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