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March 03, 2009


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Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

You are so right, Tess - he IS wonderful. And he has a great mum.

M xox

Dad aka GDad Blake

He is my grandson.He isn't perfect and neither am I.I remember what my best friend Hughie used to say "Let's see who is ahead when the smoke clears."Sebbie will flourish because there is lots of love in his life. Don't worry. Wait for the smoke to clear.
LOve to all...Dad

Mel (mom of another special ADD boy)

God has made him so unique and so extra special. He has also given him this cheery disposition to handle the rejection he will face in his life. I know how much it hurts and you are going to have to really co-parent with God on this one. I also know you wouldn't change anything about your wonderful little boy. It gets easier although you will probably not get tougher. (Only him) xxx


He's a special kid! My sister is *severely* ADD....and is also one of the best people I know (certainly the kindest, hands-down, also compassionate)...I just read a book on ADD called ADD: Welcome to Our World, it is more about adult ADD but there are bits about children, too, and it is really geared more for those who live w/ the person w/ ADD (as I do, my sis lives w/ us...). It is great and the author says ADD stands for 'affectionately designed differently.' that's about right.

the best gift we can give our children is to help them become who God wants them to be. You're doing it!

Super B's Mom

Please pass the tissue.

You AND Seb are wonderful. Just wonderful.

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