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May 03, 2009


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Hi Tess, long time no comment.. What is a match attax?

Does Sebastian really dislike school and schoolwork, or is he just saying something he's heard or read about, to see how you'll react? Does he not want to do the work because he hates it, or worries he'll make mistakes, or just because it's inconvenient and he'd rather be playing? Maybe this is just a phase - if so don't worry too much, just reinforce that it's necessary to do some work now and then. If he's seriously unhappy, sorry I don't have any experience for that...

Our triplets have a collection of those Littlest Pet Shop animals, and I don't think they're so bad. Our son likes them just as much as our daughters do. (Personally I think they are ugly and annoying.) On the plus side they are cheap and collectable so kids can buy new ones with their allowance, give them as birthday gifts etc. They are easy to take along on trips - a large number of pets and accessories fit into one plastic freezer bag. They encourage a lot of pretend-play and cooperative play. Our kids discovered that they can fit in our old Fisher Price Little People school bus, airplane, farm, playhouse, and so on, so that led to many hours of happy play. We've enjoyed them from ages 5 to 7.


Does Seb have a really high IQ? He reminds me of Sean - he said it was all 'boring' and the problem was that as he had a high IQ, he caught on really fast, and the slower kids in the class frustrated him, so he used to switch off when he had 'done' learning. Thus he also missed the next learning opportunity in the lesson. So he had huge holes in his learning.

Just a thought.

Dad aka GDad Blake

On Sebbies behalf it can be argued that three 3's are three hundred and thirty-three.
Hang in the Seb.

You friend Cap'n Ook.


Oh, I hope you find some way to get him interested. He is to small to start not liking schoolwork.


Please read "The Call to Brilliance" by Resa Steindel Brown. Every parent on the planet should read this book. Also note that two of my sons have tested on the gifted scale and if they attended school would be bored out of their skulls. Little boys are made to play and run and explore, not be made to sit and fill out worksheets for hours a day. My oldest son is in "grade ten" and has not done a math curriculum in 3 years. He HATES math (it IS his lowest score by far) and thinks he is bad at it but tested two years ahead even though he doesn't ever do it?? Every other thing he is at college level and beyond and has been since he was first tested at seven (un-beknownst to us, I might add. The testing, I mean. NO one asked to test him at the public school, they just took him away from the other kids and made him do all these things). People learn by living life. Sebastian is right! He just doesn't want to. And if he already doesn't like it...

That is all I can say about that right now. I don't want to be too opinionated, I just feel very strongly about delight directed learning and how kids will not be lacking anything and learn all they need to without sitting in classrooms all day:)

OH! One more thing! :)

I finally went to YK at the end of March for the first time in my life! What a lovely little town! How long did you live there and at what ages?? I am just curious. My, what a change, from YK, NWT to HK!?!?! YIKES!

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