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May 31, 2009


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Dad aka GDad Blake

Homes are nice but what really counts are the memories.Your family will enjoy your new location but the best part of it will be the family unit is together.

Love to all....Dad


Good luck - on the de-junquing, on the move, on decorating the girls' room with something that doesn't send you into a sugar-shock...

Maybe you could paint the room in some fairly tolerable colours, but add removable wall stickers to allow each girl to choose a few favourite characters, and to change them in a year or two. Of course, they might choose something even more obnoxious in future...


Yay for solving the "where are we living?" puzzle! I can't wait to hear a bit more about it & see some photos of it. Another bedroom! Yay!



Congratulations an decision making amidst emotional turmoil. Maybe the timing was perfect. Since we are all in a "moving mode" as it were and much in the throwing out and moving on mindset, your dejunquing may go well. Watch out for the candy floss pink paint those 5 year old girls are so keen on. Miss. B's lasted about 48 hours before she decided it was too much. Green sounds lovely - pink cushions can come and go on a whim! Love and hugs to you all. Thank you for lending us C - it was a wonderful visit. C


Wow, I see a lot of painting hours ahead as you try to match those expectations.


I agree with Carlyn, "decision making amidst emotional turmoil. Maybe the timing was perfect." Well done for you and Charles... a major benchmark was peacefully and well overcome. Managing big emotions such as these two is very hard and you bravely came around it! Good for you, my dear Tess.

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