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May 25, 2009


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Dad aka GDad Blake

I think you should be cautioned that it is normal and customary for notices giving parents a warning that the subject matter of the item or issue to be presented may be for mature or specific audiences only.

Most fathers and grandfathers think the word cyle is preceded by the word bi or motor or economic.It is not good form to launch a submission on other cycles without some warning to a mixed audience.
Should you fail to give proper recognition to my advice then you can rest assured that certain grandchildren will receive messages subliminal, or in large print ,from a loving grandfather as to naughty things their mommy did in years gone by. Those messages will be followed by others which extoll the virtues of ice cream, soft drinks and junk food.

Love to all....Dad( who knows a lot of juicy gossip that 4 young, wonderful grandchildren would love to hear).


I was just going to comment on the "failed warning notice" but looks like Blakers beat me to it!


I know I've had fears like that before because I learned the hard way that pregnancy was not for me. And yes, I always sigh with relief.


Darling Tess... oh these scares we have along life... about 10 months or so ago, I had the same scare after 2 weeks or so of delay, LOL! Good for you, it's all sorted out the way you wanted it to be!
Love and hugs

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