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May 18, 2009


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Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

Yay for wetmarkets, chicken adobo, heaven-scented lilies, doc's visits, bathed children and a husband coming home on Friday!!

M xox


ok, have to beg ignorance here, but what are lai chee? Sounds like something I should know about ...


You do make HK sound like a marvelous place to live.


I love your Chicken adobo!!! I also wish that we were in HK with all our kids...they are the perfect age for a long walk through HK on a Sunday afternoon!!! Where could you be transfered to? miss you lots! XO Lyns


Hey Tess. I haven't stopped by for a while. Your post inspired me to make a quick pit stop at the market today. Even brought I+A with us. I loved seeing all the fruits and veggies. A said "anana" when she saw all the bunches of bananas hanging. We now have lychees, grapes and watermelon! :)

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