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May 17, 2009


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Once again you are a super mum Tess! I'm planning a "drive to Shenzhen ASAP if you would like to join us? Thanks for helping me put my hot rollers in Fri night for the ball, we had a great time. Love youxx

Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

GREAT blog, darling!! You are indeed the best mum - those lucky kidlets :-)

Love, M xox


What a wonderful day & such fun to read about it now that I can picture most of the places you write about!


I'm pretty sure I saw you in the park on Sunday, with those wet beautiful kids. My husband and I thought it was great, and I've been telling him every time we walk that way that I can't wait for our boy to be a little bigger so he can go in himself ...

it's a little strange, I know, getting a comment from a stranger who might also see you in real life, but I found your blog from a geobaby post and I check in occasionally, interested in other Hong Kong bloggers. I just realized today upon reading this that we go to the same church ... anyway, glad you had a good day. We enjoyed our Sunday in the park too.


Oh Tess my dear, thank you very much for titling a post on me and yes, absolutely yes, I would totally let them get soaking wet, specially with 30øC! Glad you did and once again, thank you for referring your thoughts to what I would do!
Also, well done for keeping up with them and not getting tired... wow, I got tired of all the walking and playing just by reading it. Good on you dear Tess.

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