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May 15, 2009


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Good on you for taking the last step. Make that appointment and take care of yourself. Good moms always take care of others first. Time to put yourself first....I know your mom will get you there. Fingers crossed!


Yes, take care of yourself.
Glad to hear of the father/son adventure, that should be interesting for both of them. B volunteers to build houses here.


John the Baptist, Richard Branson & Sebastian, amongst other great people!
That trip will be amazing for them.
(ps, read my Lordy post pre-Max, the clapping loss of rhythm one, interested on your take)

Dad aka GDad Blake

Actually, your mother is quite aggressive about Dr. visits. I think she is getting a finders fee.

Love to all....Dad

Pam Lyons

Good on you Took! Let me know how it all goes.
Love to you from your old sis and Bebe


Just found your website. As a mom of a "not-typical" son, I can say, welcome to the club! With arms wide open.

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