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June 06, 2009


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Dad and I have just checked in at Whistler and oh so quickly we have found an Internet cafe to see if there was an update on Carys and you. Thank you so much for updating with the speed of sound. You were such a brick - those type of situations are not easy, ugh. Carys was just wonderful, wasn't she? Can you give us a little insight as to why this was done? We are puzzled - is it her adnoids situation or something entirely different?

Anyway, soooo glad to hear that our wee miss is well and that you are too. Well done to you, honey.

Back to Gran's tomorrow for Sunday evening. It is GLORIOUS here and I an feel myself reviving with the sun and warmth.

Much love to all, M

Auntie Pammie

Glad to see that all went well, as Mom said, what is the reason for the testing? curiosity is killing me??
Please hug Carys and tell her that Auntie Pammie is very proud of her for being so brave!
Love to all of you
Pammie and Bebe


I'm not surprised Carys was such a trooper. She is a brave lass. I'm glad it went ... er, well? It sounded like it was well. No alarms, bells, blinking lights or do-overs....I hope the results reflect how good she was. Keep us posted. (I'm glad your tea was awesome...I love moments like that!)


Im so glad that Carys was so brave and handled it all so swimmingly!!! Im glad you are ok too!!! xo lyns


Thanks for the good news.Please give Carys a hug and a kiss from me. Love to all....Dad


Darling Tess, I'm glad I got to know about it after the happy ending, but... when you have the time, please send me an mail explaining why Cary was indulged with a sleep over at the doctor's office, ok?
Love, Odila


Glad it went well. Hope the results are better.

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