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June 13, 2009


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Auntie Pammie

Very sweet post Tess :-)

Mo aka Maureen aka Grandmother aka Mum

Lovely to read, sweetheart.


M xox


Winner husband, wish mine was romantic...


My dear photo album partner.
May I suggest you to collect the collages Charles has made you through the years, get an album and make each page a year and call your album something like "Pages of our love"? If his collages are bigger than album sizes, take a picture of the old ones and print them the size you wish them to be and then, suggest him to make you new collages in the new size. This way, he does one part and you do the other, therefore a Team work, like a good marriage, like yours is.
Love, Odila


So, are the kids as much help with the packing as imagined?


What an incredible blog Tess.

Actually, I have words really, just an appreciation for you and the love you and Charles share.


Oh, I love Odila's idea!

Tess, moving is horrid - no matter if it in the same building, or around the world. It is a constant state of undulating, if you ask me. Highs, lows, misery, joy, discovery, loss. Ugh. Done it 8 time in the years we've been married, and know we have more in us to come.

Take a tiny bit of advice. Unless you are moving something that is age specific (like something Seb has had that your younger kids are quite ready for, but you'll want), take a look at the things and think, will I want to move this at the end of this lease if we're meant to move again?

There is nothing worse that taking things that have been in boxes and moving those same boxes time after time, because you might want them. So much easier to give to someone needier and then *if* you do need it, get a replacement - from a friend's box of unused things, or the market.

Also, so many momentos can really be "space-saved" into scans or photos of the items, rather than keeping the actual items. I'm thinking artwork, school paper awards (Kindest Kid of the Week - that sort), etc.

Enjoy the highs of discovering sweet things, and endure the sad bits, and try to strike a middle ground, because it is exhausting. I'm horrified that the kids are suddenly 2 weeks without school, on your behalf!


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