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June 19, 2009


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Auntie Pammie

This post made me cry... Extra hugs and kisses to Sebbie from his hormonal pregnant auntie xxoxo


hope the move goes well..take lots of pics of #6A...congrats on a good report card..I cried over noah's too..yes he finished his first year of school...can you beleive that..and Keighley starts this next school year..that little thing is going to be 5..miss youlots wish we were there to help you pack and remember! Love you! Lyns

Dad aka GDad Blake

My mother used to cry when she read my report card too.

Love to all....Dad


Yes Darling, moving is such a multi sided story... we de-clutter our stuff therefore we have a lighter new home. Then we change furniture around and learn how well that chair that used to be in the guest's room is not beautifully decorating our house in the living room and the list goes on, not to mention the new neighborhood that always brings new aspects of life... but oh boy... your life becoming hundreds of boxes is a serious pain! Hang in there and remember that by July 10th, you will have your new home sweet home looking almost ready, right? Good for you!
Good on Seb, congratulations for him... what a wonderful thing to read at the end of one whole school year, hey? Well done for all of you. Love, Odila

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