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June 10, 2009


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Tess, tai tai is actually simply means "wife." It's only when used in a certain tone or when used in reference to "leisurely ladies who have high tea and gossip" that it takes on a slightly different meaning. The saleslady was paying you a compliment :)

Sometimes I get amused at being referred to as a tai tai until I remind myself that I am one --in the "wife" sense, that is.


My dear Tess, no need to explain yourself to anyone Darling, you are not a Tai Tai and full stop and not because of the reasons you explained above, but because being a Tai Tai may also imply in some sort of an empty brain, which is NOT your case AT ALL. However, what you and a Tai Tai lady have in common is beauty and may be that is the reason why the lady called you a Tai Tai, no?
Love. Odila


I must be missing something. To me that sounds like a compliment.

Dad aka GDad Blake

So is a mai tai a wife with a drinking problem?
Love to all .....Dad


Maybe she called you that because you spend so much at her shop?


Yes I have to agree with Buckeroomama. In this case, she is referring you as "wife". She is calling you Tai Tai as being respectful.


I understand the sentiment though... i think Tess is talking about the lot of a stay at home mum and how many people see this as a luxury! With 2 small kids... I relate... to that aspect of this conversation... :)


Oh. I took it to mean that you are a good (supreme) wife deserving of much respect. She was telling MC to appreciate you.

Maybe I don't get the connotations in the term though.

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